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Become a Volunteer - Basic Info

 Become a Volunteer Today!        Volunteer Application    
You can make a difference & at the same time get to know many of your neighbors.
We are a volunteer organization.
You can volunteer for a variety of services including
Helping Hands
At Home
Food & Meals Technology
medical appointment
social / cultural events
barber shop / hairdresser
visit a friend
light gardening
small repairs 
change light bulb
picture hanging
smoke detector
holiday decorations
odd jobs
picture hanging
daily phone call
plant watering
letter writing
gift wrapping
read books
tea / coffee visit
in-home hair care
in-home manicure
grocery shopping
deliver groceries
email, printer
TV remote
cell phone 

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ITAV March Second Tuesday:
Dental health for seniors. Hear from experts at the Tuoro College of Dental Medicine.

March 12th, 1:00 PM, Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns