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Soemthing you should know    Soemthing you should know    Soemthing you should know   Soemthing you should know   

It Takes a Village (ITAV) member and volunteer protocol - COVID-19 Pandemic


The Board of Directors of ITAV is concerned with the effects the coronavirus is having on our community. We are particularly concerned about our members’ and volunteers’ wellbeing.

Programs and Events:

 We will follow advisories issued by government sources and therefore effective immediately All ITAV programs and events are cancelled or postponed until further notice or until these agencies advise otherwise. Additionally, our board will monitor the Westchester County Health Department website which also has information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and will respond as mandated. Throughout the crisis we will increase our communication to our members and volunteers, keeping them informed, sharing helpful information as needed or required.

Members and Volunteers Well Being:

If you are experiencing a medical emergency call 911 immediately.  If members or volunteers are sick, or have tested positive for COVID-19, and have been transported or have provided transportation over the past weeks please have yourself or your caregiver contact ITAV at 914-222-5116 to let us know.

If contacted we will:

  1. Make every effort to ensure that persons you may have been in contact with are made aware that this has occurred.
  2. Advise members to let the Service Coordinator know what you might need while sick and how ITAV may be able to help you.
  3. Advise members / volunteers who live alone to please let us know if you would like to receive a weekday check-in call from ITAV.


In addition to our previous announcement to temporarily suspend all in home services, effective Monday morning, March 30th, we will temporarily suspend all new requests for transportation services for members until further notice.  We are concerned for the safety of both our volunteers and members as our demographic places them in the higher risk category. If you do require transportation services, please see the information and web links listed below for potential alternatives. Please plan as far in advance as possible.

Bee-Line Para Transit

(914) 995-2957

This service available to those who are disabled and unable to ride public transportation. Door to door service is provided with a service charge of $5 each way. An application must be submitted documenting the individual's needs and disability, including a doctor's statement and photo. The requirement for a personal interview has been waived at this time. The application may be printed from the website or can be mailed to the applicant by calling the above number.


WestFair Rides

(914) 764-3533

This is a free service similar to ITAV. They are doing medically essential rides only (example, serious condition yes, physical therapy no) at the present time. Contact information is first submitted online, after which a Program Coordinator will call to confirm how the program works and to answer any questions. A welcome letter and a waiver of liability with a return envelope will be sent. When the signed waiver is received and the application is approved, rides may be requested to medical appointments. Requests must be made at least three business days before the medical appointment.


Ride Connect

 (914) 242-7433

This is a free service similar to ITAV. They are doing medically essential rides only at the present time. To sign up for this, applicants must call a Transportation Counselor at the above number.

We will however, as we are able, provide grocery / medication / meal pickup and drop off for our members. This will require you to purchase in advance and to coordinate the pickup with the ITAV Service Coordinators. This service will strictly be for pick up and drop off only. Volunteers will drop off your purchase at your door only. They will not be able to enter your home. As always, we will do our level best to match your request with a volunteer provider. However, this may be difficult during this crisis period. Whether we have a volunteer or not the Service Coordinator will do their best to coordinate service and / or help to address your need. Please call ITAV at

914-222-5116 before making any purchases to insure we can locate a volunteer.

We plan to let volunteers and members choose whether or not to participate in providing / receiving services. What does this do?

  1. Allows ITAV to provide a crucial service for those who are not sickened and are truly in need. Several members count on us regularly.
  2. As per current Health Department guidelines we should all limit our contact (social distancing) with others. Therefore, we request that when requesting this service please consider whether it’s truly necessary.
  3. We will not enter a members home nor do we provide group services, further helping to lessen the likelihood of virus spread.

Service Coordinators will ask volunteers NOT to participate if they aren’t feeling well, regardless of the cause. Unless providers feel 100% they should NOT participate. If they know they are sick, regardless of what it is, we will ask that you do NOT participate at all.

We will assess the situation as needed and will comply with all federal, state and local mandates regarding our ability to resume regular services. We are in a very fluid situation, currently at times changeable hourly, but will continue with this limited operation for the foreseeable future. When we can safely resume normal operations we will communicate that to you. Volunteers who are unable to participate in the delivery of groceries / medications / meals will temporarily be removed from the availability schedule. Members need do nothing if they choose to not participate.


Grocery / Medication / Meals:

If you call ITAV at 914-222-5116 we will do our best to request volunteer help to deliver groceries, a meal or medication. In case our Service Coordinators cannot locate a volunteer we have listed below a few local establishments that provide shopping and delivery services. Please contact them to ask about setting this up. Please note that wait times may be lengthy for businesses providing deliveries and you should plan accordingly. You should ask what guidelines and fees, if any, there are. Our Service Coordinators will do their best to assist you if needed.

Ctown Supermarket – 114 North Broadway Tarrytown, NY  914-332-7400

Harvest Field Market – 350 South Broadway Tarrytown, NY 914-333-8407

Stop & Shop – 610 White Plains Road Tarrytown, NY 914-631-8566

CVS Pharmacy – 51 North Broadway Tarrytown, NY  914-631-7266

COVID19 hotline: (866) 588-0195 register to the Foodbank

Salvation Army: (914) 963-3252

If you have any deliveries of groceries or medication you should request the delivery person call you before they arrive with the delivery. Groceries/ medications shall be left outside your door for the protection of yourself as well as the ITAV Volunteer.

Prepared Meals Delivery:
If you order meals, ask the delivery person to call you when they arrive and to leave your order outside your door. This is for the protection of yourself as well as the delivery person. If you need help ordering meals form local restaurants, grocery stores, fast food establishments etc. please call ITAV at 914-222-5116 for assistance.

Additionally, the following link will take you to the Hudson Independent which has listed a number of establishments to shop or get meals from.  When you click on the link please scroll down to view them. The site plans to keep this as up to date as possible.

Stay safe, stay well and ……. Thank you!!
The Board of Directors at ITAV10591

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Updated March 29, 2020
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UPDATED March 29, 2020