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Please read the ITAV April 2021 newsletter! We at ITAV hope you enjoyed the welcome to spring ITAV tote bags!

There were four winners for the five raffle prizes offered. Yes, that's right, one lucky member won twice!! So, the winners of our raffle were:

Sue P. - Ticket ending in 044

Ann M. - Ticket ending in 370

Janice L. - Tickets ending in 171 and 175

Connie T. - Ticket ending in 582

Be sure to use your beautiful bright yellow ITAV tote anytime you go shopping! And if you don't need that second bag we included, consider gifting it to a neighbor or a friend!


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  It Takes a Village10591 Incorporated (ITAV) is a 501(c)(3)                                       
 Philanthropic organization incorporated under the laws of the                                             
State of New York in September 2014.                                                                                  
2019 ITAV Holiday Party Slide Show

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