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 Our Officers  
   Barbara J. Carr - Chair
registered nurse, labor organizer, advertising executive, village
trustee and software executive. In Sleepy Hollow over 19 years.      
   Annegret Wolf Rice - Founder & Chair Emeritus
artist and teacher. In Sleepy Hollow over 40 years.
   Aubrey Hawes - Vice Chair
retired communications executive. Volunteer on several local
boards. In Sleepy Hollow over 40 years.
   Ann D. Phillips - Secretary
retired office administrator, director of nonprofit serving seniors, choir singer, Lifelong Tarrytown resident.
   Leonard S. Hyman - Treasurer
former Wall Street executive, local synagogue treasurer. In Sleepy
Hollow over 40 years
Our Directors
   Maureen Barbelet
retired educator, former school board president. In Tarrytown over 50 years.
   Bruce Campbell
retired educator and broadcast journalist, three term Village Trustee, YMCA Board. In Sleepy Hollow for 28 years.
    Alice Blood
retired educator and officer of church organization. Lived in area
over 30 years.
   Jennifer Galasso
accountant specializing in nonprofit sector, active in community
sports. In Tarrytown over 18 years.
   Lorain Levy
retired music publisher, on board of community college service organization. In Sleepy Hollow over 40 years.

   Tim Montgomery
         retired director of supply planning and informations systems for
         global bio-tech firm, former church treasurer and Boston
         Symphony volunteer. In Sleepy Hollow for five years

   Ann Rubenzahl
         retired college administrator and corporate training 
         In Tarrytown over 15 years.

     Mary Dougherty
former private banker, congregation treasurer, provided at-risk women
with basics of financial literacy. Recent Sleepy Hollow arrival.


Bubble Jokes

ITAV will be closed on Columbus Day (Indigenes People's Day) October 14th. No rides or services will be provided and no reservations will be taken on that day. ITAV will reopen on Tuesday October 15th at 9 AM.